Like any good chef, Rachael K is constantly broadening her horizons. In the midst of all of this mixing, matching, mashing up, and marinating, she creates menus that mingle modern cuisine with comfort food, down-home cooking with cutting edge, worldly dishes with soul food—and every bite is delicious. There isn’t a dietary restriction she finds daunting, so whether you’ve got a single gluten-free guest or a house full of vegans, Chef Rachael K will put together a feast to be remembered.

Click on any of the sample menus below for some ideas that are sure to get your creativity flowing (and your mouth watering).

surf_turf Seared scallop BLTs

Chef’s choice salad

Filet mignon and lobster tail, with haricot vertes and French potatoes

Chocolate cream puffs

proposal Brushetta caprese

Focaccia with herbs and dipping oils

Caesar Salad

Filet mignon with béarnaise sauce, with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy

Chocolate brownies with sundae toppings and “special” plate

wedding_dinner Crab cakesBacon-, blue cheese-, and apple-stuffed endivesBourbon steak crostinis

Asian-style chicken/shrimp wontons with basil-ginger dipping sauce

Sweet potato, apple, and carrot risotto sliders

Fruit salad

caesar_salad Carpachio bourbon shitake crostini with horseradish garnish

Basil-mango shrimp cocktail

Caesar salad

Chicken Bella Dia, with bacon, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts and a white wine sauce

Brown rice salad with asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon

Mediterranean braised green beans with mint and feta cheese

French apple cake

gumbo Fried green tomatoes with bacon

French bread

Boudin balls with remoulade greens, pear, apple, dried cranberries, mandarin orange slices, Gorgonzola, and a light citrus dressing


Bronzed swordfish with hot fanny sauce

Maque choux-stuffed roasted tomatoes

Cajun frites

Pecan sweet potato pie with Chantilly cream

dolmas Collard green dolmas

Pita bread, naan, and/or herbed flatbread

Potato and chili parathas

Lablabi (chickpea stew)

White tabbouleh

Kale salad with apple, almonds, and tahini yogurt dressing

Lamb carnitas with toasted cumin chickpeas and cucumber dill sauce

Pistachio almond pudding

Tahini, cinnamon, walnut cookies in lemon syrup

Private Chef

Private Chef

Chef Rachael K aims to please, and as a private chef, she definitely hits her mark. From intimate affairs, during which Chef and her crew are quieter and less intrusive than church mice, to grander gatherings where food is served with a flourish, there’s no occasion too large or small for Chef Rachael K, no cuisine too complicated, nor dietary restriction too cumbersome. Ingredients for all Chef Rachael K’s meals are always fresh, not to mention organic and locally sourced whenever possible.

Treat yourself, your loved ones, and your guests to a truly gourmet experience that is not only made from scratch to suit your tastes but also less stressful even than finding parking at a restaurant. From soup to nuts, hors d’oeuvres to a kitchen left cleaner than she finds it, Chef takes care of everything. Spend your time with company, not cooking and cleaning.

Set up your event now.



When an event makes the cut of needing to be catered, whether due to the gravity of the occasion or size of the guest list, there are usually so many things that need to be taken care of that the last thing anyone wants is to be worrying about the caterers. With her years of experience creating eclectic menus from scratch, catering in all conditions, and leaving in her wake satisfied customers rubbing their full bellies in gratitude, Chef Rachael K knows exactly how to take care of everything.

Thorough and thoughtful service is standard when Chef Rachael K caters. Her staff is handpicked with the same attention to detail she uses when selecting ingredients, which themselves are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Whether you’re looking to build a buffet line in the backyard, wow party guests with a sushi bar in the living room, or host a hundred people for a multi-course meal replete with wine pairings and table service, Chef can make it happen with food that will have everyone coming back for at least a second helping.

Events may include and are certainly not limited to:

  • Engagement and rehearsal dinners
  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Corporate events
  • Holiday and birthday parties
  • Theme parties (we’ll do our best to be on theme in all regards)
  • Brunches
  • Family reunions and related gatherings

Stop stressing, and schedule your catered event now.

All meals prepared in a Certified Commercial Kitchen and delivered according to the regulations of Washoe County Health Department.