Spring Shout Outs + Marcus’ mouthwatering margarita recipe

Spring Shout Outs + Marcus’ mouthwatering margarita recipe

Happy spring! The crocuses are popping up, and the little birdies are chirping, so that must mean it’s time to crawl out of hibernation mode and start socializing again.  Today, I would like to take a moment to brag about my clients from the last few months. The private chef business is so exciting because every event is completely different and all the people I meet are incredible! I am blessed to be invited into all these great people’s homes and businesses to help them celebrate special occasions. I just can’t help but brag about my wonderful clients! So let’s get started with a totally delicious recipe from Marcus Cervantes for his Jalapeno-Cucumber Margaritas!

Private Dinner Parties

Amy and Marcus invited me into their home for two family events last month. I had the pleasure of Cheffing for a wedding and a Birthday celebration. We had a gigantic Italian themed buffet one night and Surf and Turf for the Birthday bash. Marcus made his famous margaritas both times, and they are so good I just had to get the recipe to share with you folks! Amy and Marcus are doing a great job raising their two handsome young boys and are fantastic hosts. Here is Marcus’ recipe. “Warning- you’ll never want a regular margarita again.. you’ll become a bit of a drink snob.. “

Marcus' Margarita

The end of the month was a total blast!  Intertek came to Zephyr Cove for a week long ski retreat! These folks sure can play hard! Each night was a different menu. We started with an Asian themed spread: hand rolls, bean thread salad, and Ahi.  The next night we served Italian Wedding soup (my favorite!) and handmade pasta.  The list goes on: lobster, filet mignon… my goodness! These folks were amazing and gracious hosts, and I can’t wait to work for them again!

Cervantes Birthday BashA great new family just moved to town. LuLu, Spike, and their beautiful young Princesses, E. and O. celebrated their newly remodeled kitchen by asking me to come and put the new equipment through its paces.  To please the young mistresses I prepared a rainbow menu with Cornish hens surrounded by colorful roasted veggies.  They also loved the bacon-wrapped, manchego-stuffed dates and spinach salad with cherries and pistachios.  We celebrated a family gathering and Spike’s birthday as well a few weeks later! Happy birthday, Spike!

LuLu and Spike #1

One of my regular clients, Linda, had an intimate gathering to celebrate a friend’s retirement. She is such a wonderful hostess and we always have a great time. It was so nice to finally meet her family! We had a nice, low-key Italian family style dinner. It was a very pleasant evening for all!

Linda appetizer

Sometimes an evening doesn’t go exactly as planned, and this was the case for us at Chris and Jennifer’s party.  The food came out fine: surf and turf with crème brûlée for dessert—and then the guest of honor showed his true colors by deciding not to come to his own party at the last minute! Talk about poor manners! That didn’t slow the hosts down one bit, though, and we still threw a fantastic fête with aplomb! This chef was a little setback by her own gaff: locking my keys in the car! The show went on, and the event went off without a hitch in spite of the hiccups. Thank you for your graciousness, Chris and Jen; you are truly fine hosts.

Chris and Jen Appetizer


Bentley Enterprises invited me to cater the grand opening of their new digs in Minden. A renovated bank building that looks just fantastic.  I’m very much looking forward to working with all of them again!

We had a great time celebrating the Children’s Week Legislative Reception and Children’s Champion Awards hosted by the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy and the Children’s Advocacy Alliance at the Nevada State Museum. It was awesome to hear the Children’s Orchestra play and to see the folks who work so hard for children’s advocacy receive well earned appreciation. Keep up the great work!

dolmas childrens week

canollis childrens week

Private cooking classes

Anthony and Aimee joined me at One World Kitchen for a class. We made Osso Bucco, Proscuitto-wrapped asparagus, and handmade mushroom ravioli.  As usual, I got on my soapbox about brining meat and probably bored them to tears about the difference between semolina and regular flour, but we all left full and happy and that’s what counts!

Anthony and Aimee class

On Mardi Gras proper, we enjoyed an intimate private class with Katie and Lindy, two foodie soul sisters that I can’t wait to work with again! We made a pitcher (or three) of hurricanes and prepared some dishes from my Mardi Gras blog. As the night progressed, the cooking became less intense while we discussed craft distilling, small batch goat cheese, and community supported agriculture.  Nobody lifted their shirts for beads, but that’s probably all for the best.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the events we do.  Like I said, each one is special and unique. I would love to write about your next event in my blog! Just let me know how we can help elevate your next celebration to gastronomic greatness!


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    Beatriz A.

    Chef Rachel K. is dependable and easy to work with. She provided delicious hors d’oeuvres for our reception with excellent wine choices. We would definitely hire her again.

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    Stephanie Trujillo

    Chef Rachael, you were awesome! Thank you so much for catering to our group! Now how about you sharing that fabulous Italian Wedding soup recipe? :)

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    Those were fun parties for sure! Thanks for the nice words .. I can’t wait to try some of the other items I saw on your post. Hope to see you soon.

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